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El Árbol del Jabón was created with passion to create, love for nature and a lust for knowledge.

A Long time ago I changed from making my own soap with my mother to looking for perfect soap and cream formulas for my skin. It was difficult to create the first formula, but with time and love I found my goal. When I made my first cosmetic soap, I enjoyed the process so much that it didn’t take me long to start with my next one.

The satisfaction of finding what you are looking for turns into an impulse to keep innovating and sharing with family and friends. That’s how my first recognition came, with orders. I had to combine all that with my studies and at times it was hard; even when I was living abroad I had to send packages to Spain with my handmade cosmetics to my friends, who were inconditional fans.

Little by little I felt the need to turn this project into something bigger and more organized and to create a brand for my products, but I promised myself to keep its original essence, that home-made and authentic character I loved so much from the very beginning.

I hope you enjoy as I do and I would be very happy to hear from you.