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100% Natural – 100% Dedication

In El Árbol del Jabón we think that the bath time and the skin must be a daily, pleasant and sensory ritual. To achieve this, we make our natural cosmetics from scratch, with our own formulas and tested by us, never on animals.

Did you know that our skin is the most extensive organ in our body? Our skin absolves everything, that is why we make safe natural cosmetics, non toxic to our organism. We use vegetable origin and high quality raw materials. Every ingredient is chosen for its therapeutic and beneficial properties for our skin, as we believe in the power of nature to get the best results. We present you products full of love and local ingredients so that you can get your health back and have natural healthy skin.

Another main objective of using natural cosmetics is the protection of the environment as raw materials carefully selected from the source and biodegradable substances are used. It also tries to preserve our biodiversity and promote local commerce.

Every of our products are handmade & hand packaging with special care.


With: 100% natural ingredients, first cold pressed essential oils, flowers and plants, vitamins, botanic and floral origin extracts, natural origin preservative and emulsifier, vegetable waxes, recyclable packaging.

Without: synthetic ingredients, animal-origin ingredients, parabens, laurel , sodium sulphate, chemichal products, artificial colouring, artificial fragances, unnecessary ingredients, palm oil or butter, mineral oils and oil derived products.